A guide to monthly van insurance

What is monthly van insurance?

As the name suggests, monthly van insurance provides cover for one month at a time. It can be ideal for those occasions where an annual policy will be wasted, perhaps if you’re moving home and only need a van for a weekend or two, or even if you’re self-employed and don’t know whether you’ll be driving the van from one month to the next. It provides a kind of flexibility that you just don’t get with annual policies to ensure you’re getting the cover that meets your precise circumstances, and with monthly policies often being easily adaptable you’ll have a tailored level of protection that provides the cover you’re looking for. And, because you’re not spending money on annual cover unnecessarily you’ll be able to save huge amounts of cash too, offering convenience and value in one handy package.

What to look for in monthly van insurance

As with any type of insurance policy, it’s important to know what to look for if you want to be confident in choosing wisely. Luckily this shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve—at the simplest level a monthly van insurance policy will be much the same as its annual counterpart, so you simply need to decide whether you want a basic level of protection or something more comprehensive. This will come down to a combination of your individual needs and budget, and if you strike the right balance between the two you can be confident in getting a policy that meets your requirements.

Then it’s time to consider the added extras. You’ll often be able to choose from a number of added extras depending on your needs and circumstances, and in this case the choices you make will often depend on your reasons for needing van insurance in the first place. If you’re operating in a business sense you’ll need to spend more time thinking about your commercial and financial obligations with things like public liability and goods in transit cover being worthwhile considerations, whereas if you’re simply driving a van for personal use (such as to move home) you won’t always need such an extensive level of protection.

One final area of consideration will be in relation to the insurance firm itself. It’s always best to go for those that specialise in this niche industry to ensure they’ll be able to meet your precise circumstances, and make sure to check their policies regarding claims processes and call centres as well. Always make sure they’ve got great reviews from past customers and, above all, make sure they’ll be able to offer the right level of cover at the right price.

How can I find monthly van insurance to suit?

It’s important to remember that not all mainstream insurers will offer cover of this nature, so you could well find that you need to do a bit of digging. You’ll want to head to specialist firms or brokers to thoroughly research the area and always ensure you’re getting a policy that’s tailored to your precise circumstances—in this industry a one-size-fits-all option simply won’t be sufficient, so always make sure you’re getting a bespoke policy to suit your requirements. Compare every available quote you come across to make sure you’re getting a top-quality yet affordable result, and from there all you have to do is make the necessary arrangements and you’ll be able to get on the road in total confidence.

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