Can I get motor trade insurance if I’m under 21?

With a lot of people shunning higher education in favour of apprenticeships and “learning on the job”, the need for motor trade insurance for under 21s is steadily growing. The only issue is actually getting access to a policy to suit. Insurers have always been reluctant to offer motor trade insurance to younger drivers and unfortunately that isn’t a trend that’s stopping any time soon, so whilst you can get suitable policies they won’t always be that easy to track down.

As with anything, it all comes down to performing adequate research. Insurers are catching onto the idea of catering to the younger age group and some specialist insurers will be able to offer policies to suit, but it’ll take a bit more digging than if you were an older driver. Then there’s the price to consider—younger drivers are perceived to be higher risk, particularly in this industry, and even if you’re able to source a firm willing to offer protection you’ll usually have to pay higher premiums accordingly. But, don’t be too disheartened—despite the extra effort involved the result will be more than worth it, leaving you free to get on with your job in total confidence.

So, the fact remains that it will be incredibly difficult to source motor trade insurance for under 21s, and it certainly won’t be cheap. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and if you use our comparison tool you could soon get an idea of the insurance firms that will be able to help. As with any other kind of insurance it’s important to compare the options to make sure you’re getting the best deal, and if you’re prepared to do plenty of research and a bit of extra digging you might get a pleasant surprise at the end of it.

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