Commercial Vehicle Breakdown Insurance

When you’re driving a commercial vehicle you need to consider a number of important points. Not only do you have to have specific training before you can get on the road in the first place, but the insurance implications will be vastly different to a regular vehicle. You’ll need to have several essential extras before you can be sure that you’ve got the right policy, and just one addition that should be considered is commercial vehicle breakdown insurance.

You’ll need this additional level of cover for the simple reason that you’re going to need it at some point! Commercial vehicles tend to be on the road for far longer than domestic ones, meaning that your likelihood of suffering from an accident or breakdown increases accordingly. But, regular breakdown services won’t be able to help (and when you realise that these vehicles will be up to 44 tonnes in weight it isn’t hard to see why), and that’s why you need to head to the specialists.

You should always head to specialist breakdown providers, and if you don’t want to pay extortionate rates for their services then having appropriate cover as an addition to your current policy would always be worthwhile. This particular type of insurance can always be found on a stand-alone basis, but you’ll save time and money if you buy it together with your vehicle insurance.

Most insurers will gladly offer this type of cover when they give you the details of your quote, and if they don’t make sure to ask for it. Or, look elsewhere for someone that can provide it. You should always go to insurers who will accommodate your needs and who will, ideally, give you a bespoke policy containing this level of cover.

But, before you think that this type of insurance isn’t necessary, think of the consequences that could occur if you don’t have it in place. First of all you’ll have to pay extortionate call out charges for a breakdown service to come and collect you, and then think of the inconvenience to your business and your customers. You could well lose out financially, so isn’t it worth paying slightly increased premiums to have adequate cover? If you choose carefully it won’t even cost much, so make sure to shop around to see what can be offered.

So, never underestimate the importance of having commercial vehicle breakdown insurance as an addition to your policy. You won’t notice it until you need it, but you’ll be glad that it’s there.

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