Do I Need Truck Fleet Insurance?

Running a business comes with a host of responsibilities, not least of which the various financial obligations that you have to deal with. One of those obligations will be insurance. It’s essential that you have the proper level of cover for every vehicle that you have on the road, and if you’ve got a fleet of vehicles you’ve probably toyed with the idea of truck fleet insurance. But, do you really need it?

Let’s start by looking at what this type of insurance actually entails. It’s there to provide cover to a whole fleet of trucks, letting you insure every vehicle that you own under a single policy instead of having an individual policy for each. This can come with enormous advantages, not least the amount of time and money that you’ll save. Just think of all the paperwork, payment deadlines and renewal notices you’d get if you had 10+ vehicles in your company – it doesn’t bear thinking about. But, by having all of your vehicles insured under one fleet insurance policy you avoid all of that hassle.

However, you might not always want to upgrade too quickly. There’s a common misconception among those new to the trade that you can’t insure more than a couple of vehicles on one policy, with many thinking that they need fleet insurance far sooner than they actually do. In fact, many insurers will allow up to 6 vehicles on an individual truck insurance policy, but if you’ve got more than that it’s wise to upgrade to something that covers the entire fleet.

So, if you’ve got more than 6 vehicles in your company, it’s definitely worth going for truck fleet insurance. You’ll be saving yourself time and money, and what could be better than that? Make sure to have a look around to get the best deals, and pretty soon you’ll have adequate insurance in place to give total peace of mind.

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