Do I Need Van Breakdown Insurance?

Vehicles of all kinds are liable to break down every now and again, and vans are no exception. If anything, they’re probably more likely to suffer from such afflictions because of the sheer amount of time they spend on the road, and if you run a business then breaking down can come with severe consequences. This is what makes van breakdown insurance so important, and you’d certainly be wise to consider it.

Let’s start by looking at what this type of insurance actually is. As you would expect, it covers you in the event that your van breaks down when you’re on the road, letting you get back to proper working order as quickly as possible. You’ll need to look for specialist cover that can accommodate your needs, and you’ll normally be able to add it onto your existing policy. With so many options out there these days you’ll have no problem finding something to suit, but do you really need it?

Some people see this as an optional extra to their policy, and while that’s certainly the case (you can’t for example, buy a single breakdown policy without having insurance already in place) it doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary. Of course it would be cheaper if it wasn’t there, but you need to think of the bigger picture. What would the cost be if you actually broke down? In a normal vehicle it would be bad enough, but if you lose business from it then it’s ten times worse. A far better plan would be to make sure that you’re totally prepared for anything that could happen, and that means carefully considering all the insurance options.

So, while you don’t technically need van breakdown insurance (in the sense that it isn’t a legal requirement) you’d certainly be wise to think about it. The increase in your premiums will be negligible and you’ll often be able to find some great deals, and you’re bound to save money in the long run. Why wouldn’t you want it?

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