Do I Really Need Goods in Transit Insurance?

When you’re arranging insurance for your commercial vehicle, you could well be overwhelmed at all the options presented to you. The additions, discounts and optional extras can be daunting, but there’s one additional type of cover that should always be considered if you’re transporting any kind of goods – goods in transit insurance.

Some people wonder whether they actually need this type of insurance and instead think that they can save cash without it, but in reality it can be an incredibly beneficial addition to your policy. If you’re in the business of transportation you only need to think about the value of the goods to know that everything would be very expensive to replace, but with this type of insurance you needn’t worry – it covers the value of goods on board so you don’t have to pay out of your own pocket if anything should happen to them.

The type of goods in transit cover you’ll need will depend on your circumstances and business type. For example, if you’re a courier then you’ll need a different type of cover than if you’re simply transporting your own goods, so it’s vital to choose accordingly. Luckily there are plenty of insurers that will be able to accommodate your needs and will know which type of cover is right for you, and if you choose wisely you can be confident that you’ve got the level of protection that you need.

Ultimately you really do need this type of cover if you’re in the business of transportation. Having goods in transit insurance can be a great addition to your current policy, and can mean you don’t have to replace any goods out of your own pocket should they be damaged or stolen. It’s particularly important when you’re transporting goods that aren’t your own but it’s just as vital if your own goods are on the road, so always look out for this type of cover and you can get to work in confidence.

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