31 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2024 (and How to Fix Them!)

Email marketing is an essential part of blogging, but are you doing it right?

Email marketing is no longer an optional extra for bloggers. In 2024, it has become an indispensable part of blogging for several compelling reasons:

Building Stronger Relationships and Growing Your Community

Email marketing helps forge a robust connection with your readers, fostering community growth.

Providing Timely Reminders for New Content

It gives your readers a consistent reminder whenever you publish a new post, resulting in increased pageviews and higher returning visitor percentages.

Fostering Trust and Familiarity

Email marketing makes your readers feel like they know you, enhancing trust in your brand.

Direct Access to Readers’ Inboxes

Unlike social media, where posts disappear quickly, emails stay in your readers’ inboxes until read or deleted.

Insulating Against Algorithm Changes

Email marketing is not susceptible to algorithm changes or external events beyond your control, unlike social media.

Reduced Competition for Attention

With fewer emails competing for attention compared to social media posts, your messages have a higher chance of being noticed.

Effort vs. Reward

Email marketing requires less effort than social media while yielding greater rewards, including the potential for serious monetization.

Monetization Potential

Email marketing offers a lucrative avenue, with a rough estimate of $1 per subscriber per month, potentially leading to substantial monthly earnings.

Long-Term Viability

Unlike the uncertainty surrounding various social media channels, email marketing is a stable and lasting platform.

To leverage these benefits, you need to go beyond the traditional ‘sign up for free updates’ approach. Here are 31 common email marketing mistakes to avoid in 2024 and how to fix them:

1. Not Making Sign-Up Boxes Obvious

Ensure sign-up boxesare placed strategically, including on your homepage, at the bottom of blog posts, within posts, in an announcement bar, on your ‘about me’ page, in dedicated landing pages, in exit-intent pop-ups, in your sidebar, and wherever else appropriate.

2. Not Having an Opt-In Offer

Optimize sign-up boxes by offering valuable opt-in incentives, such as worksheets, printables, cheat sheets, ebooks, or free mini-courses.

3. Making Opt-In Offers Too Complicated

Simplify opt-in offers to provide quick wins for your audience, as complex offers may deter sign-ups.

4. Only Having One Opt-In Offer

Diversify opt-in offers to appeal to different segments of your audience, maximizing subscriber acquisition.

5. Not Enabling Double Opt-In

Implement double opt-in to comply with legal requirements and prevent bots from infiltrating your email list.

6. Not Attracting the Right Subscribers

Avoid growing your list through giveaways that attract uninterested subscribers. Instead, focus on creating targeted opt-in offers.

7. Not Sending a Welcome Email

Initiate a welcome email sequence to engage new subscribers immediately, increasing their retention and trust.

8. Waiting Until You Have ‘Enough’ Subscribers

Start sending regular emails even with a small audience to practice and refine your email writing skills.

9. Emailing at Irregular Intervals

Establish consistency in email delivery times to build subscriber expectations and improve open and click rates.

10. Not Subscribing to Other Bloggers’ Emails

Learn from other bloggers by subscribing to their newsletters, gaining insights into effective email marketing strategies.

11. Writing Poor Subject Lines

Craft compelling subject lines that intrigue subscribers, avoiding generic phrases like ‘my latest newsletter.’

12. Not Using A/B Testing

Leverage A/B testing to refine subject lines and optimize open rates.

13. Not Editing the ‘From’ Field

Personalize the ‘from’ field with your name, blog name, or a hybrid, enhancing the professional and personal feel of your emails.

14. Not Subscribing to Your Own Emails

Experience your emails as subscribers do to ensure optimal appearance and content delivery.

15. Not Making Your Emails Personal

Embrace a personal approach in your emails, sharing insights, experiences, and using personalization tools.

16. Not Delivering Value

Prioritize delivering value in your emails, considering your subscribers’ needs and interests for sustained engagement.

Q&A Section

Q1: How can I maximize subscriber acquisition through opt-in offers?

A: Diversify opt-in offers to cater to different audience segments, ensuring quick wins and simplicity.

Q2: What is the significance of A/B testing in email marketing?

A: A/B testing helps refine subject lines, optimizing open rates and improving overall email performance.

Q3: How can I ensure consistent engagement with my email subscribers?

A: Establish consistency in email delivery times, providing subscribers with a predictable schedule they can anticipate.


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