Get Multiple Van Insurance for Total Convenience

When you initially consider van insurance you’ll probably think of an individual policy, but what if you’ve got more than one vehicle in your possession? If you’re a sole trader with more than one vehicle or even if you’ve got a company that has a small fleet of vans you’ll need an insurance policy that can accommodate, and multiple van insurance would be the perfect way to get it.

With this type of insurance the whole thing becomes far more convenient. Arranging individual cover can be time-consuming enough in itself, but if you’ve got more than one vehicle to think about it can take up far too much of your valuable time. That’s why you should think about a multiple policy. Having all of your vehicles covered in one policy can drastically cut down on any associated hassle, because you’ll simply have one policy, one renewal and one payment schedule to stick to. Your admin requirements have instantly been slashed, making the whole process of arranging insurance much more straightforward.

You’ll often save money as well. Individual insurance premiums can quickly add up, but most insurers will offer generous discounts if you insure more than one vehicle with them. This could easily lead to extra cash in your pocket each month, something that’s particularly important to think about in a business setting, and the combination of time and money saved makes the whole thing incredibly beneficial.

Many insurers will be able to accommodate your requirements with multiple van insurance policies being more and more common (it’s important to remember, though, that you’ll usually only be able to have such a policy if you’ve got up to 5 vehicles – any more than that and it usually becomes fleet insurance). By investing in this type of protection you can enjoy the benefits of complete cover with the added advantage of convenience, letting you get on with your work with time and money to spare.

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