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Goods in transit insurance is often seen as an addition to other forms of insurance such as van, courier or HGV insurance, but never underestimate how important it can be. By having this level of cover in place you can be sure that the contents of your vehicle will be protected at all times, and that increased peace of mind is something that’s hard to measure.

This type of insurance can even be a boost to your business, so never view it as something unnecessary. Clients that see you have this cover in place will be more likely to put their trust in you, vastly increasingly the reliability and overall image of your company. This can lead to increased business and even increased profits, and it can all happen simply by offering this additional peace of mind to your customers.

But, the only problem with this type of insurance is that it’s incredibly specialised. This means that you’ll probably need to do additional research to ensure that you’re getting the right cover at the right price, but there will always be insurers out there that can accommodate. It’s best to head to the specialists as they’ll be able to advise on the exact cover that you need, and luckily there are plenty out there that are experts in their field.

Also, remember that this type of insurance is not always offered as a stand-alone policy for the simple reason that it’s often part of a lot of other types of cover, so ideally see if it can be added onto your current van, HGV or courier insurance cover to avoid the need for additional policies.
Most insurers will be able to accommodate, and you’ll usually have to specify when you request a quote whether you’ll need it or not. You may not have to worry about the cost either – the increase to your premiums may be negligible, and when you consider the extra value it can bring it quickly becomes worthwhile.

As you can see, goods in transit insurance will not only be an essential purchase but it can even improve the image and reputation of your business. Although sometimes seen as an additional expense the value it can add to your business makes it more than worthwhile, and if you spend the time to look around and compare a few options you’ll be able to find the level of cover that perfectly suits you and your business.

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