How to choose between motor trade insurance companies

If you’re looking for motor trade insurance you’re bound to have come across options from plenty of different companies, but as with anything it’s important to choose wisely. You need to consider the quality of the company itself as well as the policy they’re offering, so just how can you choose between motor trade insurance companies? Here are a few things you need to look out for:

• Quality and value. It goes without saying that they need to offer the right policy at the right price, providing an exceptional level of cover at a price you can afford, and always double-check the small print so you know what you’re getting for your money and to make sure there aren’t any exclusions you’re not initially aware of.
• Tailor-made quotes. They always need to offer tailor made quotes that are specific to your business, particularly in the motor trade where different people (and businesses) are going to have vastly different requirements.
• Consider their claims procedure. You always need to take a close look at the claims procedure before you make your final decision—they should ideally offer a 24 hour claims line and a quick claims process, because there’s nothing worse than needing to make a claim only to have to wait for the company to catch up.
• Reviews and recommendations. Always scour the web for any reviews and recommendations of your potential company, because if other people have had a good experience it can give you added peace of mind as to their reliability.
• See where their call centres are. This goes in-line with the claims procedure point, but is worth mentioning nonetheless—ideally they should have UK-based call centres to ensure efficient communication, because you wouldn’t want an already difficult situation to be made worse because of a communication barrier.

These are just a few things you need to be aware of when considering your options, and if you bear them in mind you could find it easier to locate the motor trade insurance companies that are right for you.

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