Protect your business with ice cream van insurance

With summers getting hotter and more people choosing to holiday right here in the UK, investing in an ice cream van could be a fantastic move. If you make sure to hit the right tourist spots you could see your profits soar, and with the Jubilee and Olympics coming up there’s never been a better time to give it a go. But, as with any kind of start-up it’s important to be prepared, and if you want to protect your business and financial interests then seeking ice cream van insurance is essential.

This type of insurance has been specifically designed to suit the precise needs of the ice cream trade, taking into account the need for general vehicle insurance whilst having a strong commercial aspect to it as well. A policy of this kind will normally offer the usual three basic levels (third party, third party fire and theft and fully comp) but you’ll need to seek more specialist levels of cover as well—things like cover for fixtures and fittings, breakdown assistance, fire protection, public liability, legal expenses cover, personal accident and employers liability are all vital considerations, thereby ensuring you’re operating safely, legally and with your financial interests at heart.

Of course, as with any other type of insurance policy it’s important to do your research to source the best deal, and given the niche nature of this kind of business you could well need to spend more time searching than normal. Specialist providers should always be consulted and it’s important to compare all the available options to make sure you’ve got a policy that meets your needs, and if you want access to the best quotes around make sure to get in touch. Using our price comparison tool could help you narrow down the options to ensure you’ve got the ice cream van insurance that’s right for you, so see what we’ve got to offer and you’ll soon protect your business to be fully prepared for the summer rush.

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