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Could your business function without your tools?

Hand tools are a major part of many company’s inventory. Without them, your work may grind to a halt and your business takings might suffer. So, it is important that you consider tools insurance; your business might not be able to survive without it.

Tool Insurance cover could include:

  • Damage to personal tools not caused by their own breakdown or explosion.
  • Loss of tools.
  • Unattended tools

Most tool insurance policies will also cover your tools if they are unattended, as long as:

• They are in a vehicle and all the doors and windows are properly locked and fastened
• They are in a locked storage unit or locked building
So, as long as you take care to ensure that your tools are properly secured, they will also be covered whilst unattended.

Quick claim settlements
Being without your tools for an extended period can seriously damage your business takings. Even just a week without your tools could impact on your earnings.

So, it is vital that your tools insurance claim is handled quickly and efficiently. Many tools insurance providers offer a very quick (often 24 hours) claim turnaround. This means that your claim can be settled quickly and you can repair or replace the items that you need to carry on with your job.

New for Old cover
Tools can be expensive, complex items. When damaged, tools insurance will typically pay for repair to the tool if this is practical and cost-effective.
However, if it is not possible or it is too expensive to repair the tool, insurance will typically replace the item on a ‘new for old’ basis.

Employees and hired in tools covered
One of the main advantages of tools insurance is that the cover does not just include tools owned by you and your business. Tools insurance will typically also cover hand and hand power tools that you have on hire purchase, tools that you have leased or loaned in for a job and tools that belong to your employees.

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