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All vehicles on the road are required, by law, to have adequate insurance in place to protect them (as well as other road users) from financial losses after an accident or other damage. Trucks are no exception, so all drivers or business owners need to make sure they have adequate truck insurance if they want to operate within the law.

Truck insurance will cover all vehicles over 7.5 tonnes in weight, usually peaking at 44 tonnes, and is essential for the simple fact that no matter how much you plan you can never know what’s around the corner. Costs can quickly add up but if you have insurance in place then any accident, breakdown or other damage would be completely covered and you won’t have to pay out of your own pocket.

All types of truck will be covered from cement to delivery trucks and everything in between, meaning that no matter what industry you’re in you’ll be able to find the cover to suit. Equally, there’ll be just as many types of insurance on offer whether you operate as a lone driver or are in charge of an entire fleet, so you can be sure that you’re fully covered. Luckily there are a lot of specialist companies out there that will be able to assist and these should always be sought if you want advice (and policies) from the experts.

It’s important that you head to insurers that will be able to give you the level of cover that you’re looking for, so always do your research and never accept a basic policy if you want to be confident in your choice. A lot of people think that you automatically have to pay extortionate rates to get the right cover, but if you choose wisely that isn’t always the case. Again, it comes down to doing your research and shopping around, and if you spend the time to compare you’ll have no problem finding the right cover at the right price.

There will always be things you can do to reduce your premiums as well. It goes without saying that you need to shop around, but consider things like increasing your excess. Many insurance policies of this type come with a standard £500 excess, but don’t be afraid to negotiate in an attempt to get a better price. See what additional discounts can be offered as well and never accept the first quote that you come across – often, if you look around and haggle you’ll be able to get much better deals.

So, truck insurance should always be invested in if you want to be completely covered when you’re at work. Make sure to look around and always opt for the most comprehensive cover that you can find, and if you do you can happily get on those roads.

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