Van Breakdown Cover

It’s a fact of life that vehicles break down sometimes, but when it’s your business vehicle it can have serious consequences. Breaking down when you’re on a job could lead to lost business and, subsequently, lost profits, so doesn’t it make sense to protect yourself? If you’ve got van breakdown cover in place you’ll have far less to worry about, letting you get on the road completely prepared for anything that could happen.

This type of cover is normally an optional extra for an existing van insurance policy, and while it certainly isn’t a legal requirement, you’d be wise to have it in place. Breaking down can be an extremely costly business at the best of times and if you’re on a job it can be even more so, but if you’ve got adequate breakdown cover in place you’ll be able to get back on the road quickly, easily and above all, cheaply.

You’ll have no problem adding this cover onto your policy, with most insurers asking if you want it when you first enquire about a quote. While it will obviously result in slightly higher premiums it certainly won’t break the bank, and it’s bound to be cheaper than if you had to pay out of your own pocket every time you broke down. You’re saving time (by not being stranded at the side of the road) and money (by having already paid for such services in your premiums), so doesn’t it make sense to consider it?

When you run a business you need to be prepared for any eventuality, so any additional cover you can get would be well-advised. Van breakdown cover can easily be overlooked, but when you can get so much from it you’d be wise to bear it in mind. Make sure to see what your insurer can do for you and don’t be afraid to look around to get a good deal, and if you do you can get on the road without having to worry about what’s around the corner.

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