What is PCV insurance?

If you’re running a business it’s essential that you’re ready for anything that could come your way, and seeking the necessary insurance will be a key part of that. Different business will have different requirements but if you’re in the business of transportation you might need PCV insurance as a central part of your insurance provision, but just what is this type of insurance and why do you need it?

Well, PCV insurance (or public carrying vehicle insurance) is vital for any company that carries passengers to and/or from their destination, perhaps by coach, bus or minibus. It’s essential to have this kind of specialist cover as it provides a safeguard for your business as well as your drivers and passengers, offering a broad range of cover that’s specific to the needs of your business.

At a most basic level you can look forward to getting the same kind of protection as you would for any other road vehicle, be it third party, third party fire and theft or fully comp. But, because you’re operating under a commercial capacity there are a lot of other things you should consider as well, thereby ensuring your finances are properly protected.

Contents insurance, for example, will often be included in any PCV policy, ensuring there’ll be payouts for any lost or damaged goods so you won’t be held financially liable for your passengers’ possessions should things go wrong. Breakdown assistance should always be included and you’ll want to consider things like windscreen replacement cover, public liability and even EU cover should you be operating abroad, and of course you’ll need employers liability insurance if you hire members of staff.

So, PCV insurance is vital for anyone in this industry, and whether you run a bus company or a scout group you could well need this type of cover in place. Always make sure you’ve got the right kind of policy (ideally by coming to us) and you’ll be prepared for any eventuality, letting you get on with your business in confidence.

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